Important Dates & Information Classes 5-9 & 11

St.Joseph’s College, 69 B.B Ganguly Street Kolkata -12

                                                                Important Dates & Information

                                                                Classes  5-9 & 11

Dear Parents & Guardians,

This is to inform you about the school program prior to the closing for the Academic Year 2016-2017.


23rd Feb’17(Thu)                               Seating  Arrangements


24th Feb’17(Fri)                                 Exams begin

                                                                Full day school for all Classes

                                                                Exam for Class 6 & 7- 3rd Lang,Class11C- Commerce,

                                                                Class11S- Chemistry


27th Feb’17(Mon)                             Exams    (Boys  go home at 1:30pm)


28th Feb’17(Tue)  to  3rd Mar’17(Fri)       Exams (Half Day) 10:30am


4th Mar’17(Sat)                                  Exams for Classes 7&11 only Half Day

                                                                No School for Classes 5,6,8 & 9.               


6th Mar’17(Mon)                              Exams (Half Day) 10:30am


7th Mar’17(Tue)

&                                            No School

8th Mar’17(Wed)


9th Mar’17(Thu)

                to                                            Exams   (Half Day) 10:30am

11th Mar’17(Sat)


12th Mar’17(Sun)

                &                                            Dol Jatra &Holi (Holiday)

13th Mar’17(Mon)


14th Mar’17(Tue)

to                                            No School

20th Mar’17(Mon)


21st Mar’17(Tue)                              Showing of Internal Answer Scripts (Full Day School)

22nd Mar’17(Wed)                           Showing of External Answer Scripts (Full Day School)

If any changes to be made ,they must be done in the presence of the

                                                          teachers concerned. NO CHANGES will be accommodated later.


23rd Mar’17(Thu)

&                                            No School

24th Mar’17(Fri)


27th Mar’17(Mon)                            Report Cards , Prize Distribution (8:00am to 9:30am)


28th Mar’17(Tue)

                To                                           Session Break

3rd April’17(Mon)


4th April’17(Tue)                               New Term Begins (Full Day)


13th May’17(Sat)                               Last Working Day. Eng Lang ,Unit Test 1(Full day)

                                                                School closes for Summer Vacation.


15th June’17(Thu)                             School re-opens (Full Day)  2nd Lang Unit Test 1