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Dear Readers,
"Education is not the name of any degree or certificate that can be shown to others as a proof… but education is the name of our attitude, actions, language, behaviour...
Our Founder
Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice was born on 1st June 1762. He was born in Callan,Ireland at a time of great troubles.Edmund was the fourth of seven sons. Because of a long period of religious persecution in Ireland, the Rice children had to be taught at home by travelling teachers.
Principal's Message
Noboborsho to all Students of the school, their Parents, the school’s well wishers and Alumni !
It’s fortunate that on this, the New Year Day for the people of this wonderful part of country where I have been privileged to be called to serve, that I write my first public message to you ! We have recently commenced the new academic year and I begin by expressing our gratitude to Bro A Pinto, who had served this wonderful school for the last two years...
Photo Gallery
Updated On: 12-Jul-2024
A colouring activity done by Class 2A and 2B on a bagless day..
A colouring activity done by Class 2A and 2B on a bagless....
Our Achievements
Toppers 2018-2023

Jay Popat

ISC 96.25% (2023)

Akash Roy

ISC 97% (2022)

Raj Shah

ISC 99% (2021)

Aliakber Calcuttawala

ISC 96.50% (2020)

Anant Mohta

ISC 98.50% (2019)

Aditya Pal Chaudhuri

ISC 96.75% (2018)

Devansh Desai

ISC 96.75% ( 2018)

Writdhit Mondal

ICSE 97.60% (2023)

Sayantan De

ICSE 98.40% (2022)

Jay Popat

ICSE 99% (2021)

Ruchisnu Dey

ICSE 98.40% (2020)

Raj Shah

ICSE 96.60% (2019)

Rithwik Jaiswal

ICSE 96.20% (2018)

School Facilities

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