General Rules

  • Every student must wear a clean and correct uniform daily. Parents must take special care to see that students leave home in full uniform. On class days and at school functions pupils must wear the prescribed uniform. Pupils who are not correctly dressed and pupils whose general appearance does not conform to such regulation as the school prescribes may be sent from class by the Principal
  • The school uniform is as follows:
    • Plain white shirt (not bush shirt)
    • White trousers or short pants.
    • School tie, belt and ID card.
    • Black leather shoes (with laces) and white socks.
      • Clean White keds to be worn on the days boys have P.T. (not track etc.)
      • A dark green sweater or blazer may be worn in winter.
  • Students are not to grow long hair and beard ,roll up sleeves and keep the collar button open when wearing the tie.
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