Expectations from Teachers

Teachers should...

  • Embody the Christian Brothers school philosophy in his / her professional relationships with the students, with each other and with all members of the school community.
  • Place his / her professional expertise at the service of the students.
  • Not accept any job of a remunerative character from any source other than the school or give private tuition.
  • Not enter into any monetary transaction with a student or parent or those desirous of seeking admission into the school.
  • Treat the pupils with courtesy and respect, and avoid favouring individual students or picking on others.
  • Listen to the pupil’s point of view and try to understand their individual problems.
  • Avoid labelling any child as troublesome or discriminating against him because of past misdemeanours.
  • Inform parents at an early stage if the child is involved in some persistent and/ or major discipline problem.
  • Be available to the parents to talk over issues related to their child’s behavior (generally after having made an appointment).
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