Middle School Co-ordinator's Message

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

We at St. Joseph’s College, truly believe in opening young minds to the world outside. The big green gate opens every morning to welcome the non-stop giggles and happy feet of the middle school children who are the live wires of this place. Their curious eyes and innocent smiles shine bright, making the school even brighter.

Middle School being the transition phase between the elementary and senior department, we the educators are focused to give every student the chance of expressing themselves to the best of their abilities through nurturing them with utmost love and care. Each child is gifted, each child is unique. Children here are exposed to a holistic method of growth and development. We try to inculcate innovative ways of learning, which help them to learn new things with fun and vigour, guide them in awakening the thirst for knowledge above all, make them respect the values.

In the last two years, we the SJC family, have experienced the biggest truth ,-‘Change is the only constant.’ From white board to smart board, from class room to drawing room, from answer sheets to PDF files, from ‘pin drop silence’ to ‘children please respond’- the Pandemic taught us how to grow together to go together. Our children are warriors, who stood the test of time and emerged with flying colours!

The different activities and events organised on a regular basis help the students in tendering qualities like self-discipline, leadership skills, confidence building, personality development while developing a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility.

We know and believe that, “Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.” The concept of inclusive education teaches our children the essence of community building and that each child is special and has the right to education.

As mentors and educators, we are committed to generate a safe place for growing minds to engage, learn, grow and nurture into self-sufficient young adults by creating a climate of support and understanding for smooth operation in classrooms and beyond.

May the Vision of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice inspire us in touching lives, forever.

With Best Wishes,
Mrs. Aindrila Acharya
Middle School Co-ordinator

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