Educational Vision and Philosophy

We, the staff of St. Joseph’s College Kolkata, believe that education has the potential to transform society and so we commit ourselves to:

  • Working together to create a ‘new society’ where all accept each other as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ under the common parenthood of God.
  • Accepting religious and cultural pluralism in the conviction that ‘Unity in diversity’ is part of God’s plan for humanity.
  • Creating an environment where the all-round development of the individual is promoted with dignity, principally through right relationships with God, society and the whole of creation.
  • Collaborating with all people of good will in order to usher in a more just, peaceful and compassionate climate in society.
  • Empower and assist the poor and oppressed in their own advancement and development.

Inspired by this Vision and energized by the conviction that God invites us to partner Him in the creation of this ‘new society’ we will endeavour to:

  • Share this vision with our students, parents and staff members so that the school community has a common motivation.
  • Through Value Education sensitize our students to social needs.
  • Promote inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding and harmony.
  • Sensitize our students towards ecological preservation and restoration.
  • Provide opportunities to our students to reach out to the under-privileged, the marginalized and those oppressed by social and gender restrictions.
  • Provide Counselling and Outreach programmes.
  • Encourage creativity and innovativeness in our teaching and study methods to stimulate and motivate our students to achieve their academic goal.
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